A life goes fully that starts with music and ends with music… A man who reduces his sleep, spend limited time with his friends and spend the rest of his hours, 13-14 hours, by working. Actually, we can call it a calm life. Without any grawl, full of vivid and reconciled at the same time… And there is his determination knowing that there is no limit in success and malcontent character too.
I met music in my early ages. Also I was interested in electronic devices, especially I was examining radio and suchlike devices. Surely it was all about my interest, I was enjoying to examine electronic devices. Moreover, melodies I catch from those devices, were the thing that touched me. Then my family got me an organ and my music interest moved forward. I practiced drum pads mostly and liked the sounds based on drum and rythim. Early in 2000’s, I was a total electronic music listener. This led me to be interested in Dj’s and Dj’s cabins in the clubs. I was watching Dj’s moves and stands for hours. To listen their mixes gave me pleasure. That was the reason why I started to interest in being a Dj. I started with downloading Dj programmes on my computer and use them. However soon afterward, I wasn’t enough for me. Then I bought a Dj Setup for a little amount. This system offer me chance to improve myself. I was learning various mixes day by day, by following my favorite Dj’s videos and sets.
Living in Eskişehir was an advantage for me too. I was lucky to be in Eskişehir, because there are lots of cultural and musical activities. Thus, you take an opportunity to meet Dj’s, organizers and artists.
In my first year in college, I seized a chance to reach audiences for the first time. I took the stage in an event which was organized by my friends. As you can guess, I was very nervous. It was very exciting to take a chance to show yourself and your work in that sparkling place which you dreamed of every day and moment. In addition, it comes with the fact that your own music will reach others. It was a good step for start. It led me to show and improve myself in lots of party and organization. I appraised this opportunity, be liked with my works and in time people began coming to listen my music. I began to play as Resident Dj in Buda Club and added a lot of place in and outside of the city to my work list, continued to reach more audience.
There is no limit in music… You can’t write yourself an end in this range. You should learn new things and improve yourself everyday. At least I move on in that way. I believe you must have a stand first of all. The thing that you shouldn’t forget is that there are many things that must be done in life, if we try to do all of them we’d fail. Because of that I chose music.